Bortezomib for injection (Velcade™) About Velacade™ How is it given? How does it work? What kind of cancer is Velcade™ being used to treat? Possible side effects References About Velacade™ Velcade™ is a new type of cancer treatment that has

Biological therapies

Erythropoietin (EPO) (Eprex®, NeoRecormon®) This section gives information about the use of erythropoietin for people with cancer. You may want to discuss it with a nurse or doctor involved in your treatment, or with one of CancerBACUP’s Cancer Support Service nurses.

Angiogenesis inhibitors

Thalidomide This section is about thalidomide – a drug that was developed to prevent morning sickness in pregnant women. Research is now looking at if it is effective in treating some types of cancer. This section aims to give a balanced summary